Full-Stack SEO Course in Toronto / GTA

In this SEO Course, I will work with you on a real project of your choice. You will find new markets and customers with my guided approach and unlimited reviews and mentorship.
14-Day Money Back Guarantee.
Limited time offer. Prices in Canadian Dollars
“from zero to 500"

The course helped us understand paid and organic customer acquisition, conversions, landing pages, and a lot more very well. We went from zero to 500 annual paying customers for our accounting software

Muhammad Arif,
Toronto, Canada

What you will learn in this course

The SEO course is divided into 7 broad sections and can be completed in 3 months.
Refine your SEO Project Plan  with our feedback and reviews
Find your audience and positioning
Learn how to build an SEO strategy
Learn basic to advance SEO concepts and practices
Consultation and Feedback on your SEO Project
Learn how to build great looking websites and ads without learning how to code or design
Learn how to analyze and optimize your results

What's included in the course

Access to unlimited expert help for mentoring and feedback for 3 - Months.
Digital and printable workbooks that can be used to plan and execute campaigns
Bilingual feedback in Hindi/Urdu available. More languages coming soon
Access to complete course content for 12 Months
Quizzes and assignments to test your knowledge and skills
$50,000 in simulation ad money to test your digital advertising skills by MimicPro
$50,000 in simulation ad money to test your digital advertising skills.
Reading list full of high-quality articles and books to further advance your knowledge
Personal Trello Board to collaborate with us
14-Day Money Back Guarantee. Taxes Excluded. Prices in Canadian Dollars

For new entrepreneurs on a budget

What you can do with this course

Dramatically improve your career prospects and opportunties

Monetize your  social followers, email list or website visitors

Learn how to make additional side-income online

Grow your business, acquire more customers

Learn how to build a business around content

Build great online ads, website or landing pages

Launch or grow your online course

Launch or grow your Digital Agency

Common Questions

Who is my instructor?

Fullstack SEO team includes digital agency professionals, marketers and entrepreneurs based in Canada.

What will I be able to do after the training program

You will be able to understand and evaluate digital business models. Launch a beta version of your idea or business. Create, run and manage digital ad campaign would be to name a few. See more use cases

Which payment methods are accepted?

Most credit cards are accepted. If you want to pay via Bank wire transfer, please contact us.

What if I am not satisfied with the course content?

You can get a full refund within the first 14 days. No questions asked.

How's this course better than other courses

Unlike other courses, we work with you to understand your business idea or goals and offer a curated course curriculum to help you achieve your goal. We provide you templates we use for our clients, and provide you feedback on how to implement those. Our course content has less theory reading and more practical application.

I'm in a different time zone than Canada — can I still take the course?

Yes you can take this course from anywhere in the World. We provide support and replies in Toronto timezone.

In addition to the cost of the course, are there any additional costs?

That will depend on your business strategy. If for example you want to run paid ad campaigns, you should have a budget of around $500 to $3K. We will guide you in how to best utilize your budget and spend optimally.

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